Easy Tips on how to thicken sperm

Not only women, men are also often sensitive to fertility. One of them is semen containing sperm which looks too runny. Some lifestyle changes can be done as a way to thicken sperm and increase fertility. Semen that is less than the normal amount can cause fertility problems in men, while semen that is more than normal volume can make it look runny. Sperm thickness Semen should be thick enough at the time of ejaculation and turn into watery after 15-20 minutes later. The amount of semen released is on average half to one teaspoon or 2-6 milliliters. Less than this amount can cause a lack of sperm needed to fertilize an egg, while more than that will make the sperm become too runny as mentioned above. The World Health Organization (WHO) sets out the criteria for sperm that are classified as normal, including the following: Have a semen volume of at least 1.5-5 ml, with a sperm content of at least 20 million per milliliter.The number of sperm released during ejaculation is at leas…
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